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5,600.00 1,700.00

A real bargain, light use for approx 250 hours.

153.00 49.00

This HDMI cable,  supports 3D Video, ethernet, and up to 1440p video and 7.1-channel audio! It also features unique, surface treated silver-coated OFC copper conductors, encased in a nitrogen gas-injected dielectric for ultra-low loss.

5,375.00 2,390.00

The Amerigo as a full range loudspeaker in our "A" series that delivers looks and performance at a reasonable price.

26,000.00 13,800.00

Transrotor Tourbillon with special version 13 kgr aluminum platter

1,500.00 490.00

A truly high end speaker cable.

10,350.00 3,900.00

The Allegria is a three-way bass reflex speakers in modular technology

520.00 312.00

An analogue interconnect capitalising on proven Atlas technologies and design criteria; the Atlas Elektra All Cu (all copper) features deletion free OCC for both the going and the return conductors and employs a PTFE dielectric together with a cotton yarn filler in order to increase signal velocity and reduce microphony. 100% rejection of radio frequency interference (RFI) is provided by an OCC braid and a copper mylar shield.

53.00 25.00

The bi-wire variation of Atlas' best-selling Element cable family. Bi-wire cables have become increasingly popular as the number of loudspeaker manufacturers offering this option has grown substantially, and bi-wire cables can offer improvement over the wire loops or metal links normally supplied.

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