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CD Players

ayon : CD 1sx

4,150.00 2,000.00

A full fuction Ayon Very nice sounding  CD player/Dac/pre .Condition as new!  One year warranty left.


CD Players

ayon CD 5s

8,000.00 3,500.00

Ayon: CD5 s  in perfect condition (demo  item)available now!

11,500.00 3,250.00

CHORD'S BEST CD PLAYER -RED REFERENCE-  a great bargain at this condition & price (No original box )


CD Players

Chord CD One

4,250.00 1,900.00

ONE’ features the same professional die-cast CD mechanism and isolated top-loading arrangement as Chord's flagship Blu CD transport. The latest 24-bit 192kHz devices provide digital-analogue conversion. A fully buffered, true balanced analogue output stage ensures the best possible musical performance.


CD Players

Primare CD 31

2,400.00 990.00

In a world that often confuses change with progress, it’s reassuring to encounter a design which transcends the shallow modes of fashion by having the quality to be timeless. Universally acclaimed in its own right and perfectly in tune when combined for instance with the I30 integrated amplifier, CD31 disc player offers you the purest Primare design heritage and fidelity.


CD Players


5,600.00 3,650.00

The legentary  Sony's SCD1- SACD ,for it's perfect sound and build quality, offered now in a perfect condition ,fully upgraded (includes high precision clock ,high end grade capacitors etc)  A new LASER is also recently installed!


CD Players

Vincent CD S2

610.00 290.00

A CD player that is particularly suitable as an entry level model. Of course this does not mean that you have to do without the Vincent-specific virtues. Headphone output, digital output and 24bit/96kHz are also part of the equipment as with the bigger models, the CD-S3 and CDS6. In addition, the CD-S2 stands out with its exquisite sound.

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